Best Serums for LED Light Therapy

Our 3 Serums are expertly formulated by Dr. Marmur to address the most prevalent skin concerns. Why? Because your skin is dynamic and no one ingredient is a fix all. Discover our 3 Serums below or take our Skin Quiz to find what's right for you.


MMRevive Serum

A moisturizing serum which can be used in combinat... $85

MMRepose Serum

A collagen booster serum, which can be used combin... $85

MMBalance Serum

This acne serum considerably reduces and prevents ... $85

MMSkincare™ Serum Ultimate Trio

Combine all three of Dr. Marmur's serums in this t... $215

Polishing Serum

Expertly designed to bring your skin's radiance. For... $89