Into the science of dynamic essence

Our patented formula Dynamic Essence is the core of every MMSkincare™ Serum and Mask. Developed after X years working with Patients, Dr. Marmur has developed a powerful blend of Adaptogens, Pre-Proiotics and Photodynamic actives that respond to the skins microbiome and LED light. Dynamic Essence helps to repair, balance and protect the skin. The result - healthier, more resilient skin with an every day glow.

How does it work?

Dynamic Essence contains three base actives:

Adaptogens, Pre-Probiotics & Photodynamic Actives.



Designed to mediate the stress response induced in skin cells as a result of exposure to external stressors such as UV radiation, pollution, and physiological stressors. Together, the adaptogens present in our formulas support the body's natural healing mechanism to reduce cellular stress and improve hydration of the skin barrier. 



Important for limiting the growth of harmful bacteria that increase inflammation, and for stimulation of beneficial flora, which is the microbiome which protects our skin.


Photodynamic Actives:

Our light responsive actives, called photosomes, that capture the LED light and allow for cellular defense against UV damage.