For years, I thought topical skincare products had very little effect on the skin. After all, your skin is a barrier, so topical products don’t get absorbed, so how much could they really do? But I’ve led some amazing research that showed that something else very interesting was happening: Simply put, when you apply certain powerful ingredients, you’re communicating with your skin, and every layer of your skin adapts and responds, even on the deepest levels. That research converted me from being a total skeptic about the effects of topical products to leading me on a search for high-tech, natural-based ingredients that will not just make your skin look more beautiful, but also work to restore the health of your skin at all levels.

But I also knew from my research and my clinical practice that the effects could be even more profound if they were customized. So I created the MMSkincare products, the most sophisticated at-home skincare treatment, and the only one that is smartphone-driven for the most personal and customized approach.

My skincare mantra for my patients has always been protect, enhance, and troubleshoot. I created Marmur Metamorphosis to do all of those things, in one highly effective and personalized system.

— Dr. Ellen Marmur