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Product Related FAQ

Why use the MMSphere system?

How do the MMSphere LEDs work on skin?

What does clean and natural mean to MMSkincare?

Is MMSkincare cruelty free?

How do MMSphere 2GO and MMSphere 2.0 LED Lights compare to in office LED treatments?

Do You Use Parabens?

When do MMSkincare Products Expire?

Are Your Products Vegan & Cruelty Free?

Is Dr. Ellen Marmur a Dermatologist?

Can I use MMSkincare Products if I have Sensitive Skin?

What Is Dynamic Essence?

How Long Does My MMSphere or MMSphere2Go Last?

How can I find the right skincare routine?

What products or devices would you recommend while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Are MMSkincare Products Gluten Free?

Is It Safe To Use LED Light Therapy Everyday?

Is It Safe To Use LED Light Therapy If I Take Oral Medications or Topical Skin Medications?

Are goggles required?

Can I do multiple sessions in a day?

Do I need to use my MMSphere in the dark?

What's the best way to take care of my MMSphere?

What is the proper way to charge my MMSphere?

Shipping, Orders & Service FAQ

Do You Offer Complimentary Standard Shipping?

How Does An Auto-Replenishing Subscription Work?

How Do I Register my MMSphere?

What Is Your Return Policy?

What If Something Is Missing Or Damaged In My Order?

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