Products for Acne

 Acne is the result of clogged pores due to a build-up of dead cells, dirt, and bacteria. Did you know there are a few types of acne? (Dry skin acne, hormonal, oily, etc.). Depending on what type you have, there are a variety of treatments. Our go-to products for treating acne are: MMBalance Serum and Masks, MMRepose Serum and Masks, Blue and Purple LED, AHA/BHA Clarifying Cleanser (for oily skin acne), Luscious Moisturizing Cleanser (for dry skin or female hormonal acne, Renew and Repair Scar Gel (for recent blemishes), and Sheer Clear Skin Sunscreen SPF 50.

AHA Clarifying Cleanser

This mild, brightening scrub with bio-friendly exfol... $56

MMBalance Serum

  This acne serum considerably reduces and prevents... $85

MMBalance Face Mask

An acne face mask infused with Dr. Marmur'... $22

Luscious Moisturizing Cleanser

Our silky formulation washes away environmental stre... $44

MMRepose Serum

A collagen booster serum, which can be used combin... $85

MMRepose Face Mask

A collagen face mask infused with Dr. Marmur's cura... $22

Renew & Repair Scar Gel

Avoid future scarring, heal post procedure, and visi... $54

Sheer Clear Skin Sunscreen SPF 50

This mineral-based, oil-free formula delivers broad-... $39

Use with these LED colors on our MMSphere™