The Science-Led Approach to Aging Naturally

LED Photobiomodulation
There are 5 colors of clinically-proven light wavelengths which include Purple 400nm, Blue 470nm, Green 527nm, Amber 590nm, and Red 640nm.  Each of these wavelengths have been shown in clinical studies to stimulate collagen and elastin production, oxygenate tissue and reduce inflammation through a process called photobiomodulation.

What is photobiomodulation?
It’s actually pretty simple: 

Photo means light. And light is made of energy. 
Bio means living cells, like our skin cells. 
Modulation means to change something.

Our unique LED devices use energy to improve your skin complexion. Our MMSpheres  decrease breakouts and pores, improves texture and radiance, and even reduces skin age and UV sun damage. Learn more about the benefits of each light below.

Triple Verified Skincare System


FDA Approved System

MMSkincare has FDA approved LED light technology that works with our photodynamic serums to help your skin concerns 


Clinically Proven Results

We have conducted multiple clinical trials that show positive results of our skincare system on a variety of skin concerns


Patented Technology

Our patented skincare technology, Dynamic Essence, is at the core of every MMSkincare Serum and Mask. Dynamic Essence contains 3 base ingredient actives: Adaptogens, Pre-Probiotics, and Photodynamic Photosomes that respond to our LED lights to increase your skin results

Meet the spectrum


Blue Light Therapy

MMSphere Dial Settings 1 & 2

Dial 1 Mellow Blue - use in low/dim light setting to accommodate for low light. Designed with sensitive eyes in mind.

Dial 2 Bright Blue - use in well-lit areas with natural or artificial light.
Both lights provide the same benefits to the @mmskincaregenius user.


For Oily acne-prone skin

  • Decreases acne/breakouts, helps with sun damage & actinic keratosis.
  • Use in combination with MMBalance Serum & MMBalance Masks for 20 Minutes in the AM, minimum 3x a week

For Improved Alertness, Memory & Focus

  • Known to improve alertness and memory based on academic studies
  • Use in the AM or during the day for an added wake up boost
  • Keep on your desk for an extra kick of energy throughout the day

Red Light Therapy

MMSphere Dial Settings 3, 4 and 5

Dial 3 Heartbeat Red - designed to relax and calm you. The pulsing heart beat is half of a normal heart rate and promotes a restful night’s sleep.

Dial 4 Mellow Red - use for evening treatments or in a dark room to accommodate for low light. Designed with sensitive eyes in mind.

Dial 5 Bright Red - use for day treatments in bright well lit areas that are flooded with natural or artificial light.

All three light settings provide the same benefits to the @mmskincaregenius user.


For tired, irritated or aging skin

  • Stimulates collagen production, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Calms inflammation triggered by rosacea, acne, and any underlying stressors
  • Improves circulation within the body and enhances the detoxification process
  • Works over time to soothe scars, stretchmarks, inflamed skin and assist in healing wounds
  • Use in combination with MMRepose Serum & MMRepose Masks for 20 Minutes in the AM or PM, minimum 3x a week
  • Best paired with MM Revive or MM Repose Serums and Masks

For Sleep & Relaxation

  • Known to promote better sleep, backed by NASA science
  • Used for meditation, pain relief, arthritis, anxiety and migraines

Purple Light Therapy

MMSphere Dial Setting 6

Dial 6 Purple - developed for multi-taskers, use in the AM or PM for your skin & wellness treatments.


  • Harnessing the powers of the blue and red wavelengths, this setting is particularly convenient for those who wish to combat acne while fighting wrinkles
  • Works by decreasing acne bacteria while stimulating collagen production to preserve your radiance
  • Double the color equals double the benefits in half the time! These wavelengths are an absolute time saver for those who would use both red and blue light settings
  • Use in combination with MMRepose or MMBalance products for 20 Minutes in the AM or PM

For peaceful recharging

  • Known to evoke feelings of power and peace
  • Keep on your desk or next to you while you cook for a subtle boost

Green Light Therapy

MMSphere Dial Settings 7 and 8

Dial 7 Mellow Green - can be used in dark lit settings to accommodate surroundings. Designed with sensitive eyes in mind.

Dial 8 Bright Green - use in bright natural and artificial light


For dull, uneven and hyperpigmented skin.

  • This rejuvenating wavelength works by directing its power to the first layer of the epidermis, where broken capillaries, sun damage, redness, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone is born and subsequently rescued by the green setting
  • Brightens the skin, improves sensitive skin, relaxes, and combats inflammation
  • Use in combination with MMRevive Serum & MMRevive Masks for 20 minutes a day in the AM or PM, minimum 3x a week. Can be used post procedure for a calming effect

For Positivity

  • Great for mood boosting & feelings of positivity
  • Use any time of the day for a quick ‘pick me up’

Amber Light Therapy

MMSphere Dial Setting 9

Dial 9 Amber - Mood-boosting and endorphin-elevating for any time of day


For any skin type

  • Creates endorphins in the skin cells to help strengthen skin microbiome
  • Increases the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to our cells, boosting our skin's glow factor
  • Stimulates the skin’s internal mechanisms for anti-aging benefits

To counter symptoms commonly associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Increases endorphin production in the body to help boost mood