Baseline Wrinkles = 145 | Week 1 Wrinkle= 80

The patient used our Revive serum once a day in the mornings. She noticed an overall improvement of the appearance and feel of her skin. She also noticed a decrease in wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Baseline Wrinkles = 150 | Week 2 Wrinkle= 90

The patient used our Repose serum every night before bed. She saw a significant decrease in wrinkles around the eyes and the overall moisture of her skin.

Baseline Wrinkles = 130 | Week 1 Wrinkle= 50

The patient used our Balance serum once a day in the mornings. There was a significant decrease of acne and acne scarring on her cheek.

We are results driven

Our top priority is making sure our products really work. Because of that, we put our serum and led light to the test to make sure real people see real results. The following images are the patient's results after using a serum and the led light for 4 weeks minimum. The patients used the correlating serum and LED light color depending on their concerns before starting the trial.

  • Significant improvement in pigmentation
  • 23% decrease in wrinkles around the eyes
  • 95% reduction in wrinkles
  • Significant reduction in rosacea, redness, pimples, 16% reduction in brown spots
  • 65% improvement in sun damage
  • 38% reduction in pore size and texture
  • Significant improvement in hydration and moisture
  • 20% improvement in texture, 13% improvement in spots
  • Significant improvement in redness
  • 53% decrease in Porphyrins (evidence of bacteria lodged in pores)
  • 45% improvement in texture and wrinkles
  • 33% improvement in pores
  • 55% improvement in texture
  • Clinically significant improvement in fine lines around the eye and lips
  • 81% improvement in texture
  • Significant decrease in wrinkles around the crow's feet
  • 51% decrease in redness on the cheek area
  • Significant decrease in wrinkles and hyperpigmentation around the eyes and tear troughsroughs