Products for Dry Skin

In need of extra moisture? We got you covered! To combat dryness, our favorites are: Rescue Face Neck and Body Cream, MMRevive Serum and Masks, MMRepose Serum and Masks, Dry Skin Savior Glycol & Urea Cream (for hands, feet, and elbows), Luscious Moisturizing Cleanser, and Amber LED.

MMRevive Serum

A moisturizing serum which can be used in combinat... $85

Rescue Face Neck Body Cream

Designed with an abundance of hydrating sidekicks li... $104

Luscious Moisturizing Cleanser

Our silky formulation washes away environmental stre... $44

Dry Skin Savior Glycol & Urea Cream

A soothing blend of glycol and urea formulated to so... $44

Use with Amber LED color on our MMSphere™