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  • MMSphere2Go™ - MMSkincare
  • MMSphere2Go™ - MMSkincare
  • MMSphere2Go™ - MMSkincare
  • MMSphere2Go™ - MMSkincare
  • MMSphere2Go™ - MMSkincare
  • MMSphere2Go™ - MMSkincare
  • MMSphere2Go™ - MMSkincare
  • MMSphere2Go™ - MMSkincare


300 frosted LED lights, made to medical device specifications and deliver the same clinically-proven wavelengths as professional-grade in-office devices. Our smaller Sphere, perfect for treating your face and neck. Complete with a personal travel case. 

Our thoughtfully-designed MMSphere2Go can be hand-held or hands-free and allow for treatment anywhere on the body in targeted 20 minute LED Light Therapy Sessions.

Every MMSphere2Go comes with all 9 color settings. You can view each setting below.

Colour Settings:

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Our Promise:

Dermatologist Approved
Dermatologist Tested
FDA Cleared
Pregnancy Safe

Everything You Need To Know

Key Points

  • 8" Halo Size 
  • Rechargeable and Replaceable Battery
  • Includes travel storage case
  • 9 light settings
  • Thoughtfully designed to be hands free
  • Frosted LED provides protection to your eyes, protective goggles are included for people with sensitive eyes

How To

  • Turn your MMSphere2Go to your desired color setting
  • When using with our MMSerums & MMMasks, Pair up different lights that activate properties in the MMSerums and MMMasks
  • Sit back and relax to reap the benefits of our LED Light Therapy
  • Safe to use when working, cooking, meditating, watching TV, and anything else you do in your day

How It Works On Your Skin

  • Our MMSphere2Go LED light has over 300 high tech lights that emit wavelengths that you see as purified colors like green, red, amber, purple, and blue
  • Our light energy shines on your cells and passes right into your cells’ battery called the mitochondria. This recharges your cellular battery
  • With this extra energy called ATP, your cell functions better and faster and makes what it needs like growth factors and proteins
  • These natural processes have been proven to better the cells in many ways such as to stimulate collagen and elastin production, oxygenate tissue and reduce inflammation
  • Add our light to our MMSkincare ingredients and you have an entire system designed by a dermatologist to be superior to regular skincare

Why Our Sphere?

LED light enhances and boosts the repair of damaged cells and supports the regeneration of new cells.  The light helps the skin cells absorb topical skincare products more efficiently and supports the repair of damaged cells caused by UV rays.  LED light can make skin cells up to twice as effective as repairing damage.  



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