Serum + LED SkincareRoutine Results

The purpose of this IRB approved biomedical research study was to determine and measure benefits of regular use of MMSkincare™ Photodynamic System with each of its three serums in combination with the coordinating LED color on the MMSphere™. Subjects (n=36) used the assigned serum on a daily basis as well as the coordinating color setting on the MMSphere™ 3x/week. Ten subjects used MMBalance™ + Blue light. Twelve subjects used MMRepose™ + Red light. Thirteen subjects used MMRevive™ + Green light subjects. Results were measured at 4 weeks via qualitative as well as quantitative data using photographic artificial intelligence analysis.

SERUMS + LED CLINICAL TRIAL From MMSkincare Clinicals 2019


Of subjects have resolution of mild acne lesions after two weeks


Of subjects had an improved overall complexion


Of subjects report an improved or happy mood after two weeks treatment with LED.


Of subjects had a reduction in signs of pigmentation by at least 1 grade after one week, and continued to reduce through weeks two and three


Of subjects had a decrease in depth and pronunciation of wrinkles by at least 1 grade