What affects our skin and product performance?

What affects our skin and product performance?


The Importance of adaptogens in high performance skincare.

Adaptogens have been studied for over 50 years by the National Cancer Institute and for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. The definition of adaptogen is “a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. A well-known example is ginseng.”  The hard science for adaptogens in the skin is somewhat suggestive, however recent studies have shown decreases in cortisol production and stimulation of b-endorphins in the skin to be characteristic of some adaptogens activity.  Adaptogens lead to balance, adapting or responding to the skin’s ever changing needs.

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Embrace the idea that your skin is dynamic! Alive, pulsating, responding, changing, correcting, healing, sanitizing, sweating, cooling, drying, expressing, and wonderfully rejuvenating. It is an incredibly sophisticated, complicated organ of your body, intimately interconnected and responding to your immediate external and internal environment.

High performance adaptogens are the newest category of ingredients, rare and curated worldwide and supported by published science. In all MMSkincare products, a patented formula of adaptogens is the core base. These products are called Intelligent Skincare due to the knowledge behind the products and in recognition of the intelligence of your skin’s innate physiology to perform its key role: protect you.

MM CORE TECHNOLOGIES includes three main categories of Dynamic Design:

  • Photo/thermo dynamic actives (Biodynamic)
  • Adaptogens
  • Microbiome balance and health.

BIO-DYNAMIC DESIGN:  PHOTO and THERMO DYNAMIC ingredients use natural  technologies that respond to various light and temperature stimuli.  

Encapsulated Blue Green Algae (Plankton) enzyme: moisturizes and calms inflamed skin, healing skin. It is activated by BLUE and RED LED lights to repair cellular DNA and boost skin immunity and protection.

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Seaweed Extract and Tara tree glactomannans: firming and moisturizing for skin rejuvenation, proven to work in synergy with RED light for improved anti-wrinkle results. 

(Image source: Wikimedia.org)

HEAT-activated protection enzymes from Deep Sea Vent Bacteria (Thermus thermophilus): these counteract UV and IR induced damage and prevent visible signs of photoaging.  (Included only in REVIVE products.)

Image source:7wonders.org

ADAPTOGENIC TECHNOLOGIES:  promote the skin’s natural processes to heal, rebalance and optimize its rhythms within its environment.

    • New and novel RNA isolates from Baobab Tree seeds promote rapid adaptation to environmental stress and homeostasis.
    • Wild Indigo reduces all types of skin stress, fatigue, and pollution by reducing cortisol production and boosting beta-endorphins for rapid improvement of skin radiance and health.


    Image source: Grow Joy
    Night blooming Cucumber normalizes circadian rhythms in our night formulas.  (Repose formula only)
    Image source: Harvest to Table
    PRE/ PROBIOTIC BALANCE Symbiotic Pre/Probiotics for healthy microbiome promotes healthy biome balance of the skin.

    New research is showing just how important a balanced microbiome is to healthy skin functioning. It is a dynamic system and our first line of health and defense in the skin.  A combination of (Lactobacillus, B-fructooliogosaccharides (FOS) and polymnia sonchifolia root juice) stimulates beneficial eco-flora and promotes biome balance.  Natural skin defenses are boosted along with skin nourishment, structure and radiance.

    Image source: Baag.com

    The key concept in the importance of adaptogens in high performance skincare is homeostasis, the skin’s optimal state of equilibrium. This can be achieved by either living in perfect biological conditions with zero stress or. . . with a little help from MMSkincare!

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