The MMSphere 2.0 - Winner of Best in Beauty Devices 2020 - #1 Home Skin Care LED

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Activate your skincare

Bring a new level of potency to your skincare system. MMSphere is the most sophisticated at-home LED skincare device available, and the only one that is FDA Cleared that is smartphone-driven and paired with high-performing photo-activated serums and masks.

MMSPHERE 2.0 Enhanced Features Include:

-UPDATED DESIGN of the modern, halo shape
- Nine different settings that are STRONGER THAN BEFORE
- LONGER BATTERY life has a lifespan of 1,500 sessions
- Red light now features a UNIQUE, SLOW PULSE SETTING that mimics a heart rate to induce relaxation.
Select your favorite light setting to deliver just what your skin is craving at any given moment! Or to maximize this amazing technology download the MMSkincare App and take our MMSkin Quiz to have a customized treatment bluetooth transmitted to your MMSphere. The light treatments power up your MMSerums and MMMasks and amplifies the results.

Each color has a different effect on your skin:

  • Blue light reduces inflammation and redness and fights bacteria that causes acne
  • Red light soothes your skin and reduces redness due to inflammation
  • Green light reduces wrinkles by improving collagen synthesis

Pair up different lights that activate different properties in the MMSerums and MMMasks, and also use the lights to address other needs. For example, the Amber light can improve your mood and can assist in improving symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Download the MMSkincare App to connect with your device via Bluetooth. (follow bluetooth directions here)

Take the MMSkin Quiz to determine what combination of MM Serums, Masks, and light will most benefit your skin. The App will instruct the MMSphere on the custom sequence of LED colors that will activate the serums and masks and provide additional dynamic benefits to your skin (and your mood!).

Once you’ve selected your combination and applied a mask or serum, settle back and let the MMSphere power up your products. The MMSphere holds your smartphone snugly in place and has a secure ergonomic handle – convenient, comfortable, hands-free. Remember to apply the official MMSkincare Metal Tag to the back of your phone to make sure the magnet secure your phone in place.

Top dermatologists have been using LED light on their patients, with incredible results. MMSphere is as close as possible to a professional device for home use.

You must register your product within 30 days of purchase for the warranty to be effective.

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