MMSkincare is based on 4 fundamental principles:

  1. Dynamic Ingredients: Because your skin is your biggest organ & dynamic itself
  2. Skin Is Physiologically Intelligent: Light penetrates the skin better than any ingredient or cosmeceutical, and your skin knows how to use LED Light to heal itself
  3. Enhance Your Skin’s Natural Mechanisms: Using photodynamic ingredients & LED light together
  4. Education For Simplification: To transform your understanding of your skin


MMSkincare™ was created by Dr. Ellen Marmur, a global leader in dermatology and dermatologic surgery with over 20 years of expertise treating 75,000+ patients in New York City. Dr. Marmur founded Marmur Medical in alignment with her philosophy of Preservation Aging®, which believes in supporting the body’s powerful healing systems with carefully chosen, highly effective treatments. Known for her holistic approach to cosmetic dermatology, her passion is to bring biology back to beauty using light with her clinically proven MMSkincare system.  She believes everyone deserves to have great skin.

 “I want you to change the way you think about your skincare. Your skin is your largest organ of your body, and the only organ specialized to respond to light and to the environment. It is an incredible, living, essential organ, exquisitely influenced by your feelings, diet, sleep, atmosphere, and routine. It’s constantly responding and adapting to all of these factors in a myriad of ways, and it has its own highly effective communication systems to protect and repair itself.”

No other skincare brand delivers such authority, experience, research, and science with beauty and technology for your skin.