About Dr. Marmur

Since 2001, Dr. Ellen Marmur has been immersed in everything about skin health, skin physiology, skin care products, and the psychology of aging with respect to skin.

She is a scientist, which means she is skeptical.
She is a woman, which means she cares a lot about beauty.
She is a mother, which means she is committed to wellness for others.
She is an environmentalist, which means she is mindful of our collective impact.
She is a philanthropist, which means she is concerned about giving back.
She is a dermatologist, which means she is interested in results that make your skin better.

From Dr. Marmur’s journey through research, academics, surgery, and cosmeceutical brand consulting--she has arrived at a game changing moment in skincare. Marmur Metamorphosis is this moment. Everything we do has a ripple effect on our world, and beyond, to our atmosphere, and to our galaxy. Beauty products are a vital choice you can make for clean science to help your skin while being loving to our world.