Fraxel Laser Treatment: What to Know Before Booking the Appointment


What can you not do after Fraxel laser?

Fraxel is a great treatment for your skin and a great excuse not to go to the gym for that first week, because working out will only worsen your hot, inflamed skin. If redness, peeling, and dark flakes is something you'd rather not deal with publicly, plan your appointment during a week when you can afford to take some time off, because makeup is also a no-go. Dr. Nussbaum says during those few days of healing, avoid putting any products on your face except for what we mentioned above.

Once you get a Fraxel treatment, it's SPF 30, a hat, and the shade for you (but you already do that anyway, right?). Dr. Marmur stresses how vital it is that you stay out of the sun for a few days after treatment and always apply sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection. Not only will your new skin be more vulnerable to the sun, but you'll also want to stay covered to prevent the pigment from coming right back. Two grand is way too much $ just to waste on a day outside, unless you are literally made of money. And in that case, can I have some so I can finally try Fraxel, too?


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