The Shape 2021 Skin Awards Will Give You the Glow-Up This Year Needs

From nourishing creams to brightening serums, these are the skin-care products derms want you to add to your routine.
By the editors of SHAPE April 16, 2021
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Have we ever been more focused on our skin? Many of us stare at it throughout the day's video calls, constantly confronting the under-eye circles or fine lines we otherwise might have ignored. Plus, we have new issues to fixate on, like "maskne" and flare-ups of stress-induced sensitivity. It's certainly fertile ground for frustration.

But one positive from this state of complexion obsession is that we've gained a real appreciation for the importance of a potent routine. Lesson learned: Treatments and skin care that offer proven, long-lasting results warrant the time, devotion, and investment.

This year's Skin Awards winners — chosen with the help of leading dermatologists — came together in response to the most important question: What's worthwhile? Answers, ahead.


Neutrogena Sunscreen

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